Ointment from bruises and bruises - how to quickly get rid of external manifestations of injuries

Ointment from bruises and bruises Ointment from bruises and bruises should be in every home medicine cabinet. Since ancient times, for the resorption of superficial hematomas, a powder prepared from a freshwater sponge - banyagi - was used. Today, the bastard is produced in the form of a more convenient dosage form - gel. There are other ointments, gels and creams from bruises.


gel bruises and contusions Badyaga forte

Active gel active substance was prepared from the freshwater sponges badyagi. These are colonies of coelenterate animals that live only in very pure freshwater reservoirs with running water and at certain temperatures. The necessary shape of the sponge is supported by a loopy network of silica needles, interconnected by an organic substance - spongin, which also includes phosphates and carbonates.

The mechanism of action of the badyagi is based on skin irritation with silicon needles. There is stimulation of the epithelium, causing the expansion of small blood vessels of the skin, which ensures rapid resorption

of bruises. Badyaga also has a bactericidal effect, that is, prevents the infection of extensive hemorrhages. The action of the gel is accompanied by a heating effect and a temporary local reddening of the skin. Furthermore badyagi the gel contains extracts of Plantago psyllium - help kidneys and stomach Plantain - will help kidney and stomach and yarrow, which possess antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, emollient, moisturizing, healing and hemostatic action.

Overall gel Badyaga forte has absorbing, anti-inflammatory( including anti-edematous), antiseptic effect, reduces pain and itching in the hematoma, the disappearance of the pigment and stagnant spots, normalizes process sebum, reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands, prevents the development of acne Acne rash: Facial troubles Acne vulgaris: facial troubles , strengthens local immunity.

Method of application: the gel is applied to the affected area of ​​the body with light circular motions;After 20-30 minutes, the gel remains after warm water or remove with a damp cloth.


Heparin ointment against bruises and bruises

Active active substance of the heparin ointment is heparin. In addition to the ointment, a gel based on heparin is also available( for example, with the trade name Lyoton).The mechanism of action of heparin is related to its ability to inhibit the formation of a thrombus in blood vessels. Heparin ointment also has anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous, antiproliferative( suppresses the growth of cells of connective tissue in place of hematoma) action.

With external application, heparin ointment improves microcirculation and activates tissue metabolism, thereby accelerating the processes of resorption of hematomas and thrombi and reducing swelling of tissues. Ointment and gel based on the heparin used for injuries, including muscle-tendon and periarticular tissues, injuries of joints with a sprained or torn ligaments, sprains, tendovaginitah, sports injuries, inflammation and thrombosis of the veins after intravenous injection( phlebitis and thrombophlebitis), varicoseThe expansion of veins.

Method of application: ointment or gel is applied to damaged areas of the skin and around, lightly rubbing, but not massaging 2-3 times a day. The course of treatment for swelling after bruising - 10 days, with inflammation of superficial veins - within 14 days.


gel or cream from bruises and contusions troxerutin

active-active substance of the gel - troxerutin.2% gel is available under the trade names Troxevasin and Troxerutin. Troxerutin - a bioflavonoid, which is a derivative of rutin and has venotonic, angioproteguoe( protect blood vessel walls from damage, including, reduces the permeability and capillary fragility), anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant( protects against free radical damage to skin cells) effect, improvesMicrocirculation of blood in blood vessels, helps to reduce pain in the place of injury.

used to treat chronic venous insufficiency Venous insufficiency - rapidly Youthful disease Venous insufficiency is a rapidly emerging disease , thrombophlebitis post-traumatic edema and hematomas, various circulatory disorders and diabetes mellitus Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease Diabetes mellitus is a formidable and incurable disease .Method of application: 2% gel applied in the morning and evening on the skin of the affected area and slightly massaged until completely absorbed.


gel bruises and contusions bruise-Off

In the gel consists of active substances: the medicinal leech extract, pentoxifylline, ethoxydiglycol. The gel has venotoniruyuschim action accelerates resorption of hemorrhaging due to improved blood and lymph microcirculation. It helps to reduce inflammation, edema and swelling after injuries and operations on the face, especially under the eyes, has a masking effect, which can be enhanced by applying an additional layer of gel.

Dosing: gel is applied to 5 times a day to the affected area gentle movements. After 5-10 minutes after application, the gel will be absorbed, so the toning effect can be enhanced with an additional amount of gel. Do not get the gel into the eyes, open wounds and mucous membranes.

ointment from bruises and contusions will help eliminate the consequences of injuries faster.

Galina Romanenko