Femo nail design

The time of restrained paints and monotonous forms passed along with the cold: today in vogue the brightness, eccentricity and, of course, the creative approach - first of all it concerns manicure. Therefore, materials for the design of nails should be chosen original and non-boring, for example. .. polymer clay.

 Femo nail design on photo

Femo nail design on the photo


Do not be surprised, it's from artificial clay based on plastic, also known as fimo, and you make funny, and sometimes very realistic images that can turn your manicure into a beautiful application. The needlewomen have long been fond of this soft, pliable material, but in the manicure case he is still a beginner. Nevertheless, many women of fashion have already mastered this kind of design and do not hurry to change it to any other.

Still, because a little fantasy and fimo - and the nails "bloom" candy-bouquet, fruit and berry and virtual-smiley compositions, from which the eye does not tear. The choice of figures is huge, there are not any options for p

lacing them, but before you go into all the heavy manicure "needlework", make sure that you are not allergic to some of the substances that are part of the polymer clay. If everything is in order, you can start to create in the literal sense of the word.

First we will prepare everything you need:

  • nail files,
  • pusher,
  • ultraviolet lamp,
  • gel,
  • fimo for nails.

First of all, you should nail the nails to the desired shape, push the cuticle with a pusher, clean the surface of the nail plate and cover it with a thin layer of gel. It is on this layer that we will "plant" the vending pictures. If you bought fimo in the form of cylindrical sticks, you will have to cut the figures yourself using a blade, preheating the material in the palms of your hands. However, there are ready-to-use thin plates for sale. Each figure is carefully attached to the nail, while avoiding the contact of the composition with the cuticle or skin, otherwise all your efforts will go wrong. At this stage, you can complete the picture, using rhinestones for nails, sequins and other ornaments - the main thing is that they look harmoniously in the chosen color scheme. When the composition is ready, the fingers can be placed under the UV lamp for one minute. After this, the nails should again be covered with a layer of gel to hide irregularities, dry under a lamp and sand. The resulting manicure magnificence will only be fixed with a layer of finish gel and a three-minute drying under ultraviolet. You'll see, such a manicure will not go unnoticed and make your summer even brighter and more cheerful.