Hairstyle of a bunch - how to do?Instruction in the photo and video

In a fashion now naturalness and accuracy, therefore, it is possible not to spend several hours on beauty salons to build on a head a complex hairdress. There are many ways to create interesting hairstyles with your own hands. One of these options is the bob hairstyle, which is an actual and fashionable styling at the moment. This is quite simple, but at the same time fashionable for long hair. You can choose any gulk to your taste - smooth, disheveled, low, high, located in the center or on the side. You can experiment as much as you want and choose the laying of the billet, suitable for almost any occasion. Smooth gullet suitable for a gala evening, disheveled - for a trip to the cinema or cafe, the voluminous will be the perfect complement to the image for the prom.

How to make a smooth bun

One embodiment of a hair style - smooth bun. Make it simple enough. Hair should be collected in the ponytail with a wide comb and smoothing serum. The presence of a parting - at will. Next, you need to take a round hair roller and put it on the tail. Then distribute the hair along the entire circumference of the roller by tucking the ends inside. More in detail with the creation of a smooth shingle with their own hands can be found on the video.

First - you need to wash your head, dry your hair a little, not combing them, and then, tying a careless tail, wrap the hanging hair around the gum. At first, while the head is wet, it may seem that the hair is not very neat, but after completely drying out the hair, you will appreciate the result. The second way, it is presented in video, more familiar. Spit, or a tourniquet of hair wrapped around the gum, and the ends with the help of hairpins to hide under the resulting bundle.

How to Quickly Make a Neat, Beautiful Bumblebee: IMPLITINA

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The hairdo can be an ideal complement to the evening image. Such a styling can be decorated with flowers, stones and other accessories.

Stars with hairstyles

The stars instantly pick up all the fashion ideas from the catwalks, this also applies to hairstyles. This season, they demonstrated by their example that the laying of a shingle is suitable not only for household chores, shopping trips or morning runs, but also as a stylish hairstyle for entering the red carpet.