Red dress.50 models, how to choose and with what to combine

If the girl wants to leave a vivid impression of herself, she will put on a red dress. Psychologists talk about people who prefer red color in clothes, as about strong, ambitious and energetic natures. A red dress can be everyday or weekend, but not everyone attends this dress. Harmoniously, the outfit will look like a confident girl, clearly aware of where she came and why. This year, the fashion for red dresses on the rise, with the focus not only on monochrome options, but also colorful, in polka dots, cages, stripes, with prints and patterns.

Finding "your" red will help determine your color. Scarlet red suits the winter type of appearance. The girl "spring" is orange-red. On the girl of summer color, the shade of red wine will look good, and on "autumn" - a brick-red color.

A huge variety of shades and styles of dresses will help each girl to emphasize her personality and pick up her outfit.

The best styles of red dress this season

This season presents the best red dress fitting figure,

as well as a variety of models with drapes, ruffles and unusual trim. A comfortable and delicate dress was prepared by fashion designers for those who appreciate comfort - this is a knitted red dress.

The most trendy shades - coral, scarlet and bright red. They are supported by various prints, patterns and finishes.

Designers have tried to change our idea of ​​a red dress, like a true evening dress. Now this outfit is able to express modesty and innocence and act as a daily garment.

Cocktail red dresses are represented by models with an open back. The length of such outfits should not be below the knee.

Fashionable red dress knee-length free cut Alena Akhmadullina. A long version of the red dress of free style Alena Akhmadullina. A long red dress of half-fitted style from Alena Akhmadullina.
Openwork red dress length in the floor from Alessandra Rich. A short red dress with a geometric print from Ann Demeulemeester. Spectacular red dress with a train from Ann Demeulemeester.

adL - adilisik Dress
Ichi Dress

Red dress with sleeves on the trendy peak this season. The top is usually made of guipure or thin lace, showing a slight hint of sexuality. Select a waistline will help a small belt, darker dresses for a couple of tones.

Everything that glorifies femininity and tenderness is relevant this season. Red dresses, flowing and emphasizing feminine forms, should be in the wardrobe of true fashionistas. The effect of extraordinary lightness and mystery will create a lightweight multi-layer dress made of chiffon. The homely and warm is the combination of chocolate and red - and do not be surprised that people will be attracted to you by an inexplicable magical power.

& lt; / p & gt;& lt; p & gt; & lt; / p & gt;& lt; p class = "MsoNormal" & gt; Stylish red dress in Greek style, floor-length, with an open back, from a new spring-summer collection 2014 from Badgley Mischka in combination with Badgley Mischka coral shade and Badgley Mischka golden-tone sandals.& lt; / p & gt; 'class = "shutterset_singlepic10015" & gt;A stylish red dress in the Greek style of the floor of Badgley Mischka. A long red dress with a semi-fitted silhouette from Badgley Mischka. Evening red dress is longer than the knee with a lush Elie Saab skirt.
Trendy red dress is floor-length from Elie Saab. Summer red dress knee-length with an expanded skirt Elie Saab. A spectacular long red dress with a lush chiffon skirt from Elie Saab.

Fashion designers joined chiffon and silk and got a very interesting structure of cocktail dresses. Psychedelic patterns, passing from dark to light, give the silhouette a refined look and express the original idea of ​​this dress.

Some brilliant natures were based on a standard dress with an ideal cut. But each model was different from the others small, but very relevant and important detail. For example, a dress with an unusual neckline, decorated with a fashionable print, a corset, a belt - everything that emphasizes the attractiveness of your figure.

Dresses in oriental style, with lacquered inserts and velvet trim - the couturier did not spare the imagination and strength to surprise you and please a new vision of red dress 2014.

Summer version of a brick-red dress from Gucci. A leather red dress with a zipper from Jean Paul Gaultier. Short red dress with guipure insets Meadham Kirchhoff.
Stylish long dark red dress in the style of ombre from Monique Lhuillier. Elegant red dress with floral pattern from Naeem Khan. The evening red dress is floor-length from Naeem Khan.

Beach dress
Incity Beach dress
Camelot Dress
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Incity Dress

With what to wear a red dress

With what to wear a red dress, not to cause mocking smiles and look stylish and worthy? This question interests all who ever thought about buying a red dress.

Shoes and dress, like husband and wife - "one Satan".At first glance, it may seem that with such a huge choice, you will not be able to choose the right shoes, but in fact it turns out that the red dress is not ready to "marry" the first model that came across. Which shoes to wear to a red dress?

Office image

It's best to wear black shoes with a red dress. Often black shoes are suitable in case it is difficult to determine the mood of the event and choose a suitable outfit. Black color is suitable for any shade of red, and being neutral, will be combined with a dress that has a different finish finish. At formal events, black color will not attract attention to itself, and it will perfectly fit into any atmosphere.

Elegant long red dress with a V-neck. Stylish red dress knee-length, decorated with guipure. A fashionable red dress with a length above the knees with a wide skirt.
Office version of a red dress with buttons. A fashionable red dress for the spring, longer than the knees. Elegant red dress-case up to the knees.

Evening image

To go on a romantic date or to a party is better in red shoes. When choosing red fashion shoes, you need to find the right shade. It should not be lighter or darker than the color of the dress. If you make a mistake with the color, then the entire image will look ridiculous.

Gold and silver colors are close to red, according to the emotional impression they produce on others. Silver shoes will help to emphasize the red dress. It is important to remember that gold and silver accessories should only complement the red dress, and not distract from it.

Spring red dress with a wide skirt. Summer light red dress is below the knee-free style. A coral-red dress is longer than the knee with a lush skirt.
A short evening red dress with an openwork skirt. A long red dress with a wide skirt. Evening red dress is longer than the knee with a lush skirt.

Casual image of

Everyday outfit should reflect the shades of the season in which you are going to wear it. For example, accessories white or cream color is better to combine with a spring or summer red dress. Brown and black details are best added to the winter trim. In the winter it can be high boots, and in the summer - sandals. Platform or high heels should be left for the evening exit.

If you have a walk in the night city, put on a cardigan for the color of shoes. Remember that a clutch or purse should match perfectly with the color of the dress.

Fashionable red dress-case in length from A.W.A.K.E.By Natalia Alaverdian. Short summer red dress of a fitted silhouette from Assembly. Summer red dress on one shoulder from Tucker.
Stylish red dress in a cage by Vanessa Bruno. Summer version of the red dress is free cut from Victoria by Victoria Beckham. A dark red mini dress with a psychedelic print.

Red wedding dress

Hollywood brides increasingly began to appear at the altar in dresses not standard for this event color. This year, fashion designers predict that many newlyweds will go under the crown in a red wedding dress. Deep burgundy and rich scarlet personify the sexuality and courage of the bride.

But many girls really have a red color to their faces. Especially when the traditional white dress makes the face pale, and the entire image is expressionless, the color of red wine or red rose will be a good choice for a wedding. Red dress will help a bright nature express its individuality, because the white color will not surprise anyone at an event of this kind.

The color of love and passion will be perfect for a wedding for All Lovers' Day. The red lush dress looks great in the evening, it's not branded and will look neat throughout the event.

For a red wedding dress, you can choose a more expressive make-up, which with a white outfit would look too provocative.

Girls wishing to stand out against the background of other brides, but who honor traditions, can wear a red and white wedding dress. Red can be presented in the form of inserts, cape, red belt or tape.

Wedding long red dress with lush skirt. A long red dress for the wedding with a textured abstract pattern. A translucent red dress for the wedding, the length of the floor.
A fashionable red dress for the bride, the length of the floor, the style of the "Little Mermaid." Wedding red dress with train, fitted silhouette. Lush red dress for the bride, the length of the floor.

Red and white dresses are found in various variations - short, long and magnificent in Empire style. Red wedding dress fits well with a bouquet of red roses, with a white veil and various accessories. Red can and should be involved in other details of the wedding celebration. For example, you can make red invitations, decorate the table with red elements or decorate the cake. The main thing is to know the measure, otherwise you can tire guests with an abundance of red.

Replacing accessories, you can wear this dress and after the wedding as an outfit for the evening. While trying on a red wedding dress, listen to your feelings. If you are not comfortable in this bright outfit, you feel stiff or tired, give up the red dress in favor of another option.

Stylish long red dress with a train for the bride. A wedding red dress with a fluffy skirt on the floor. A plain red dress for a wedding, length in the floor, with an extended skirt.
Chiffon red dress in Greek style for the wedding. Openwork long red dress for the bride. A semi-transparent version of a red wedding dress with a wide skirt.

Tom Farr Dress
Incity Dress

Accessories for dresses of red color

You can wear any accessory you like to the red dress. The main thing is to choose so that they fit in color. Favorite scarf, stylish jacket, fashionable bag, belt - everything can serve as an image as additional details. Accessories can be black, silver, purple, beige, white and red.

With a red dress, you can wear only black or corporal tights.

The rule of modern fashion: do not wear shoes under the color of the bag. Different colors of bag and shoes can be combined with the same pattern. The bag can be chosen red, and the shoes can be chosen for the color of hair or other accessories.

Stylish red dress of a fitted style, longer than the knees. A summer red dress with a chiffon skirt above the knee length.
Fashionable dark red dress with an extended skirt that is knee-length. A short red dress with a voluminous skirt.

The image of a girl in red should be thought through to the smallest detail, since the red color will attract maximum attention to your person. Create a spectacular image will help the hat, a bandage on the hair, a bag on the long handles, golfs and boots. Do not put on your neck massive bracelets, better emphasize the beauty of your wrist with large bracelets.

Red is too self-sufficient to allow use of too bright ornaments. With a red dress absurd will look like feathers, a lot of metal parts and skin of reptiles.

In order not to become like a New Year's garland, it is worth remembering the golden rule - no more than three accessories should be worn. Earrings can be worn with a suspension and a ring. A chain to combine with a bracelet and earrings, or to put on earrings and a brooch.

A fashionable red dress is longer than the knees. Summer red dress in a white polka-dot, longer than the knees.
A short version of a red dress with a lush skirt. Elegant red dress-case up to the knees.

Dresses of red shades look great with ornaments of black color. Such contrasting accessories will emphasize your courage and self-confidence. Make the image more feminine and innocent will help accessories of white color. Muted aggressiveness of red can be silver or gray decorations.

Gently select ornaments of pink or burgundy color. Often you can see the girls in a red dress with accessories of lilac, sea, green, and also decorations of blue stones. Such combinations are acceptable, but it is desirable that they are composed of a stylist, able to combine such diverse shades.

The length and material of the red dress

Evening red dress can be more frank than its everyday counterparts. A red short dress will give the girl out of the crowd and surround a whole crowd of fans. The most courageous and energetic can put a dress on the palm above the knee or even shorter.

The most popular materials for a red evening dress are silk, chiffon, velvet and satin. It is better to visit a social event in a red dress in the floor. The flowing aerial hem of chiffon and the top with a deep neckline add a seductive and feminine look. A long dress from a noble satin in tandem with red color is a win-win for any celebration.

When choosing a long evening dress, remember that if nature did not reward you with high growth, then in such a dress you will look even lower.

Fashionable red knee-length dress from Naeem Khan. A stylish version of the red dress is longer than the knees of Neil Barrett. A translucent red dress is above the knees from Osklen.
Original coral-red dress Parsons The New School for Design. Elegant red dress-case from Parsons The New School for Design. A long translucent red dress from Vera Wang.

Camelot Dress
Conver Dress
Ginger + Soul Dress

As a casual dress, natural materials are suitable. In summer it is better to give preference to lightweight fabrics, and in winter warmer options - flannel, wool or knitwear.

Lacy red dress does not go out of fashion for several seasons in a row. Laces can be present in the dress in the form of inserts, or completely cover the outfit, and the color of the lace does not necessarily have to match the color of the dress. The length of the dress can be very different - from mini to maxi.

For office, you can choose a dress length of midi. However, remember that this length assumes a high heel. If you can spend a whole day on high heels - safely wear a dress of this length.

Asymmetric long red dress from Vera Wang. The version of the pale red dress is the length of the floor from Victoria Andreyanova. Fashionable dark red mini dress from Victoria Beckham.
Short dark-red dress of a fitted silhouette of Victoria Beckham. Stylish red dress in a cage by Victoria by Victoria Beckham. A long light red dress with a semi-fitted Vivienne Tam.

A satin red polka-dot dress will be a retro style reflection. A clipped skirt and a wide belt at the waist will give a playful puppet appearance to the pea dress. A dress with a knee-length pencil skirt is suitable for work. In this dress you will look elegant and, accordingly, the dress code of self-respecting institutions.

Red dress for full girls

A girl with magnificent shapes should remember that the season's trendy dresses may not suit the characteristics of her figure type. Red, unlike the black dress, does not hide the weight, but rather draws the eye to those places that the woman would like to hide. When choosing a red dress for full, it is worth to avoid shiny materials that visually increase the figure.

The red dress of the transformer for the full brings the appearance of the girl with royal forms to perfection. Models transformers are dresses with wide skirts for full and long straps, with which you can change the dress to many other models.

Red dress for full in a cage draws any figure to the ideal. The most successful model for a full girl is a dress case with an asymmetrical elongated cage. The slanting cage on the top of the dress will help visually reduce too large shoulders and bust, and a monophonic skirt will reduce the hips and elongate the silhouette.

Red dress of half-fitted silhouette for full ladies. Stylish red dress for full girls, knee length. A fashionable red dress for fat women of half-fitted silhouette.
A long red dress with a cut above the knees for the full. Stylish red dress for full women, half-fitting style. Red dress in a cage of free cut for the full girls.

Dress - PERFECT2
Mango Dress - PERFECT2
Dorothy Perkins Dress

Red and blue have always been considered a classic pair. The red and blue dress perfectly adjusts the shape, provided that the blue inserts on the red background are located in the "right" places. Blue vertical stripes along the waistline will make the girl slimmer and taller. Blue on the shoulders will help to hide the volume of this part of the body.

Red dresses in polka dots for full in naval style are perfect for a hot summer. This dress can be worn on a date, at a party and at any other event. The perfect style for a lady with lush hips is a dress with an overstated waist, with a monophonic skirt and a bodice made of polka dots.

Fashionable dark red dress for full girls from A. Detacher. A long red dress for the full ladies from Atelier Galetsky. Stylish long red dress for full from Naeem Khan.
A short version of the red dress for full from Valentino. Asymmetric red dress for full girls from Vera Wang. Fashionable red dress for full, half-fitted style from Zarina.

If the girl has a large chest and narrow hips, it is better to choose a dress in the form of a trapezoid. Here, on the contrary, the bodice is monophonic, and the skirt can be strewn with mischievous peas.

If all the dress in polka dots, without monochrome inserts, pea print should be chosen fine.

Red dress means "beautiful".Make yourself a gift - buy a red dress, fashion your health, especially since the coming summer season is waiting for you exactly this.