Cosmetics from acne: klerasil, propeller, boro plus, panthenol, proactive. Which is the most effective and will suit you.


Today Cosmetics Acne is able to give a good aesthetic effect. Her choice is so wide that many unsophisticated buyers simply do not know what to look for. The market is simply crowded with both expensive and budget products.

However, one should not rely on one cosmetics, if the cause of acne lies deep in the body. But even without it you can not do even if the rash has appeared due to the internal inflammatory process. This is due to the fact that the fight against a cosmetic defect should be complex, which will help to cure this scourge more quickly.



1. What is makeup for acne?
- Klerasil acne
- Propeller acne
- Boro plus acne
- Panthenol for acne
- Proactive acne
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What happens cosmeticsFrom acne?

With a large range of cosmetics it is worth highlighting: klerasil, propeller, junidox solutab, boro plus, panthenol and proactive. They are considered one of the most popular. However, they differ in composition

and, of course, in price. Therefore, we will consider in more detail their composition and method of application.

Klerasil acne

Clerazil from acne

This makeup offers us a British manufacturer. It is divided into several series:

  • Basic. Suitable for all skin types. Some means can be used for the body.
  • Ultra for all skin types. It does not overdry the skin and is designed for ultra-rapid cleaning of the dirt.
  • Sensitive control for sensitive skin type. Cosmetics not only eliminate cosmetic defects, but also soothes various irritations.
  • Pack for normal and combination skin. Actively struggles with pimples and black dots.

The main principle of any cosmetics kerasasil - prophylaxis of rashes and active struggle against the already existing cosmetic defects. Means are presented in the form of soap, cream-gel for washing, cleansing lotion, scrub from black dots and caring cream. The active ingredient is triclosan, which has antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect.

Propeller acne

Acne propeller

This produces cosmetics Moscow company "Folk Art".It is presented by several elements designed to prevent and eliminate acne on the face and skin of the body.

For example:

  • Pore Vacuum - from the black points. This gel and a facial wash, lotion, gel-scrub cleaning strip, scrub for the T-zone, air fluid and care cream.
  • Immuno - for problematic skin and prone to acne eruptions. This lotion, a gentle gel for washing, night and day cream of local action, foundation, toner-powder, shower gel.
  • Turbo Active - from acne and acne. These are point applicators, 3v1( gel + scrub + mask), detox mask, local action cream and lotion. The active ingredient is zincidone, the principle of which lies in the regulation of the sebaceous glands.

The main active ingredients of this cosmetics are salicylic acid, sulfur and urea. These components have an antiseptic, antibacterial effect. Do not harm sensitive skin and can eliminate inflammation.
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Boro plus acne

Boron plus from acne

A little earlier, the manufacturer of this product could offer only two types of creams. Now you can find a powder with an antibacterial effect, moisturizing lotion, foot products and eliminating excessive sweating. The principle of cosmetics: cheap and angry, but effective. Its composition includes natural ingredients - aloe, turmeric, sandalwood, talcum and others.

However, few consumers are confused by the presence of paraffin and lanolin. These components are related to petroleum products. They prevent the passage of oxygen into the skin tissue. But their content in creams is very small, which is not capable of causing such strong side effects. In general, cosmetics have antibacterial, wound-healing, in some cases, antifungal effect.

Panthenol from acne

Panthenol from acne

Cosmetics are presented in the form of a spray, ointment and cream. It is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation. Allergic reactions are considered rare. The active substance is dexpanthenol. Its action is aimed at eliminating bacterial and acne. Drugs are not recommended for use as a prophylaxis. However, they are famous for a wide range of activities.

Medical cosmetics can be used to heal wounds and abrasions, burns. It is considered effective for dermatitis. Can be used for dry and sensitive skin and is used only externally. Another advantage of the drugs is the acceleration of the regeneration of the skin, which is useful not only for rashes, but also for the early healing of cuts, scratches.
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Acne proactive

Acne proactivity

This is not a makeup, but a whole three-level system. It consists of three active and interrelated drugs. It is believed that eliminating one of them, the treatment of acne will be ineffective. The funds are issued by an American company, but it is not difficult to find them in the domestic market.

The basic means are:

  • A renewable cleanser.
  • Revitalizing tonic.
  • Restoring caring cream.

Complementary agents:

  • Low-fat moisturizer.
  • Cream control for oily skin.
  • Correction cream for pigmented spots.
  • Cream for moisturizing dry skin with green tea.
  • Cream for pinpoint impact on problem areas.
  • Cleanser for the shower - for the whole body.

If the purchase of basic facilities are mandatory, then additional can be taken to choose. Another advantage is that you can take small jars first. Their volume is calculated for a month. This will make it possible to know whether they are suitable or not. Basically, this cosmetics is ordered on specialized sites.

To summarize, should say that any tool will be effective if selected with a reason. Factors that affect the occurrence of acne, a lot. Often pimples appear due to hormonal disorders, skin lesions by serious pathogens. In the first case hormonal ointments are used, and in the second, antibiotics are recommended.

For example, junidox soluteba from acne, which is considered an internal preparation for the treatment of rashes and broad-spectrum antibiotic. However, without consulting a specialist, taking it is not recommended. Like any antibiotic, the drug can cause side effects, starting with nausea, ending with drowsiness. Therefore, risking one's health is at least unreasonable.
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Acid acne care

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