Treatment of herpes in pregnancy - is it worth doing?

Treatment of herpes during pregnancy Treatment of herpes during pregnancy is not always carried out. If the infection was already before pregnancy and during pregnancy has never worsened, then it is not treatable. But the primary herpetic infection and relapses of a chronic disease should be treated.


Treatment of herpes during pregnancy

herpes during pregnancy can be dangerous for both mother and child. Especially dangerous is herpes in the case when the woman first infected him during pregnancy. Herpes Simplex Virus Herpes simplex - actually not so simple Simple herpes - in fact, things are not so simple ( HPV), the first time penetrated the woman's body during pregnancy may cause fetal death or severe malformations.

If such infection occurred in the first trimester of pregnancy, when the laying of organs and tissues of the fetus takes place and it is very vulnerable, a woman is usually offered to interrupt pregnancy. At a later date, pregnancy is preserved, but the condition of the fetus is carefully observed - modern ultrasound machines allow timely detection of anomali

es in the development of almost all organs. If anomalies are found that are incompatible with life, then the pregnancy is interrupted and at a later date. From a woman in this situation, it is only necessary to visit a doctor in a timely manner and fulfill all of his appointments. What is the treatment for primary herpes during pregnancy?


Primary herpes requires systemic treatment. For this purpose, a woman is prescribed antiviral drugs of systemic action. A proven drug of this series, which usually does not adversely affect the fetus, is acyclovir Acyclovir - how safe is it? Acyclovir - how safe is it? .When ingested, it is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and blocks the reproduction of HPV in the cells of the woman's body. Treatment is carried out in the second trimester of pregnancy in a relatively safe period for the fetus.

Experience in the use of more modern and effective antiviral drugs - valaciclovir( valtrexa) and famciclovir( famvir) is not enough. Therefore, despite the absence of contraindications for their use during pregnancy( animal experiments did not reveal any negative effects of these drugs on the fetus), they are prescribed much less often.


The treat recurrent herpes during pregnancy

Treatment of recurrent genital herpes during pregnancy is usually carried out before delivery in order to sanitize the birth canal and reduce the risk of infection of the child during birth. With frequent exacerbations of the disease, several weeks before the delivery, systemic treatment of herpes with aciclovir is performed. If the exacerbation of herpes coincides with childbirth, a woman is recommended to deliver by caesarean section.

Treatment of recurrences of herpes in pregnancy, if it is chronic, is carried out mainly by external means. To this end, apply creams, gels, solutions for external use. Most often pregnant women are prescribed a cream zovirakt, active ingredient in which is acyclovir. Ointment from herpes during pregnancy is not used, since this dosage form is not suitable for the treatment of herpes.

For the treatment of herpes Herpes Treatment - a serious problem Treatment of herpes is a serious problem on the lips during pregnancy can be used more modern antiviral drugs for external use - 1% cream fenistil pentsivir, which produces the Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis. For the treatment of genital herpes it is not used.

active compound is penciclovir cream( this compound is basic and Famvir - very effective antivirals for systemic treatment).When applying cream fenistil pencivir on the skin, it is not absorbed into the blood and acts only locally, suppressing the reproduction of herpes simplex viruses and relieving inflammation and itching.


Treatment of herpes in pregnant women folk remedies

Treatment of herpes in pregnant women folk remedies is also possible, but only on prescription. As a rule, folk remedies can be combined with medical treatment.

Of folk remedies during pregnancy, you can apply:

  • salad for strengthening immunity Strengthening immunity - helping the immune system Strengthening the immune system - helping the immune system ;Leaves of green onions thoroughly rinse, dry, finely chopped, add olive( you can also sunflower unrefined) oil and eat before breakfast;Daily use of such a salad will enrich the body with vitamins A and C, which have pronounced antioxidant properties;Antioxidants suppress the toxic properties of free radicals, which are formed in large numbers during inflammatory reactions, including herpes;
  • lotion from oak bark decoction;4 tablespoons of dry crushed oak bark pour 0.5 liters of water, boil over low heat for 15-20 minutes, filter, top up to the original level with boiled water, cool and use as lotions, applying to the genitals tissues moistened with decoction;Has a good drying and anti-inflammatory effect.

Treatment of herpes in pregnant women should be done only as directed by a physician.

Galina Romanenko